LocalHi’s why is simple – To Make the World a Greener Place

At LocalHi, our mission revolves around what we call the ‘Three Greens’

  • Green of Abundance

  • Green of Freedom To Market Yourself Powerfully

  • Green of Nature Conservation

This is the age of the green rush: to attract more wealth, to tap into the solution to market yourself powerfully through joining The LocalFi Collective, and to help preserve and protect Mother Earth. 

Trees are one of nature’s most effective, incredible technologies and have literally changed the composition of the earth in order to create life for humans and 8,700,000 other life forms.  

Trees are arguably the most important life form on this planet, and we as humans have destroyed (felled) an estimated 46% of all trees since we started cutting down forests.  

We have the power to cut down and we have the power to PLANT.  Here at LocalHi, we have partnered with a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, One Tree Planted, in order to give back to our planet that has already given us so much. We donate 10% of all profits directly into planting trees.  Every client who joins The LocalHi Collective is actively helping to protect our planet and literally creating life.



Marijuana Weed local marketing Company Arizona


Local SEO has, and continues to be, the most profitable marketing avenue for local businesses when it comes to driving traffic to your business. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the way people find out about businesses has changed. Traditional avenues like word of mouth advertising are the least effective they’ve possibly ever been in the history of the human race. 

For the cannabis industry, paid ads and other paid marketing avenues aren’t even an option because of the limitations. While it has become very clear that this has been a tremendous struggle for local businesses, if they use the correct marketing avenues, (because so few local businesses understand them), you can actually thrive and grow during this extremely challenging time in our world. And luckily for the cannabis industry, Local SEO is one of the main marketing avenues you can do to get the highest ROI.

Marijuana Weed local marketing Company Arizona


Now let’s be honest: web development is one of the most complex undertakings that a business can ever have. At LocalHi, we were tired of seeing our clients get ripped off by web developers who built ineffective websites that didn’t impact the bottom line of their business.

Our clients invested heavy sums to get no return, but that significantly hampered our ability to get exceptional results. Because of the new importance of websites, LocalHi built the best web development team we could so that your website would not only look incredible, but it would actually be built with the customer’s pathway in mind, to help turn prospects into new clients.

AND it would be built with high-level SEO from the get-go, creating a strong foundational base for your website to be able to grow, drive more traffic, and drive more revenue to your business.


Marijuana Weed SEO Company Arizona

At LocalHi, our websites are different. We build websites with an excellent SEO foundational base that will start driving traffic as soon as it’s launched & is developed to be able to grow quickly and scale with additional SEO campaigns. We also build a clear client pathway into your website so your prospects know what to do when they land on your website. Lastly, we ensure
all of our clients have full ownership and access to their website once we complete it.

Mariah Maynard Co Founder LocalHi Marketing


Mariah Maynard is the Co-Founder of LocalHi Marketing. Leader in executive relations, blockchain communicator, branding expert, master naturalist author, public speaker, former model and current mother. She brings extensive knowledge of business, human nature and the natural world creating scalable impacts across a variety of industries including digital marketing, renewable energy, blockchain and communication.

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